Project Implementation

Consulting Project

Get into Real Time Project. Once you finished the training, you have learned only the configuration, you won’t have enough Implementation Experience, so get into our Real Time Consultant level Project to gain the full life cycle Implementation exposure. Join our Implementation Team.

♦ Introduction to Project Implementation & Management.

♦ Discussion on Phases of Methodology.

♦ Project Kick off Meetings.

♦ Project Resource Management.

♦ Project Operation.

♦ Approaches to Project Implementation

♦ Project Charter.

♦ Project Implementation Plan

♦ Factors Affecting Project Implementation

♦ Aspects of Project Management

Introduction to Project Implementation & Management S/4HANA System Access

♦ Rolling out into action and the activities of the project.
♦ Putting into practice what was proposed in the project document (i.e. transforming the project proposal into the actual project.)
♦ Project Resource Management.
♦ Management of the project or executing the project intentions.
♦ Participants will be taking part in the project start from the beginning from making arrangements to have the project started. It involves coordination and allocation of resources to make project operational.
♦ Participants will be included in practical management of a project. Here, project inputs are transformed into outputs to achieve immediate objectives.
♦ What is the sequence of these activities?
♦ What is the time frame for these activities?
♦ Gantt chart showing the timing of project activities using horizontal bars.
♦ Then estimate the amount of time required for each activity
♦ List the activities that can be carried out at the same time and identify those to be carried out sequentially
♦ Project configuration will be carried out by the participants under the monitoring of the respective Project Lead & Managers.
♦ Project Lead will be available 24 x 7 for all the questions through E-Mail communication.
♦ Weekly 2 – 4 sessions of meeting as per the schedule with the Project Lead.
♦ Discussions with other functional team members and team leads as and when required based on the project requirement.
♦ Business Blue Print preparation and assisting to prepare Technical Specification by gathering the functional specifications.
♦ Participants will be included in all the phases of LIFE Cycle Implementation Projects which follows Methodology.

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